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New York City NYPD Civil Rights Violations ?


In New York City a black teenager was falsely accused of robbing another teenager at gunpoint. He was charged with armed robbery and aggravated assault. Even though the police arrived within minutes, no gun was found on him or near the scene. Because the teenager had an extensive criminal past he was an instant suspect to the police and was immediately placed under arrest, all along the teenager was begging the police officers to speak to other I witnesses in the neighborhood. He spent the next several days in jail before being released on bond. While in police custody the teenager was placed in a station house holding cell with adult inmates as he waited to be transported to a juvenile facility during which he was beaten to near death by another adult inmate. At his criminal trial his attorney was able to produce I witnesses that collaborated the teenagers statement at the time of arrest that he never robbed the victim and was never seen in possession of a gun at the time. The police erred in not conducting a thorough investigation. Had they bothered to ask for witnesses they would have realized that they lacked reasonable probable cause to arrest the teenager without first presenting the case to a grand jury. Because of their mistake and haste to arrest someone, the teenager was beaten, mis-treated and his civil rights were violated.  The case was settled out of court for an undisclosed amount. He was originally asking for 10 million dollars.


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